Junk Rural King RK24

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Jun 29, 2024
R K-24
I have a RK-24 that will not start. It seem to be not pumping any fuel to the injector’s. Can anyone help me, I have tried what little I know. I’m at the point of junking it due to the great service from the seller. HELP!!!!!
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Can you give us a little more info on what is happening, ie you turn the key....get dash lights?? hear anything click??

Did this issue start to randomly happen and then not, or once it never started for you it has never started?

Battery is how old?

Do you have a volt meter?

Is anything by-passed like the seat switch?

Have you tried keeping the key turned to engage the starter and move your range selector from N to H or L?

There are a number of very knowledge folks here, they probably just need some more info to help direct you to try some things.
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Fuel filters been changed? A broken wire or blown fuse for the lift pump.