Keep blowing fuse for fuel solenoid CT445

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Nov 21, 2016
Flat Rock, Indiana
bobcat ct230
i have a Bobcat Ct445 that I keep having problems with. Last fall the starter would have a hard time cranking the motor and acted like it was slipping. I replaced the starter. After the starter was replaced I noticed that my fuel solenoid was not clicking when I turned the key. The motor would just turn over like it should but wouldn't fire. I replaced the solenoid. After replacing the solenoid when trying to start the tractor the starter would make the same noise as it would before I changed it out. The only way I can get it started is to jump it with my truck battery. I thought maybe my battery was low so I put it on a charger over night and still wouldn't start with out jumping it with my truck. Once I get it started if I shut it off immediately I can restart it. If I run the tractor for a few minutes I blow the fuse for the fuel solenoid. If i put a new fuse in it after shutting it off I will have to jump it to get it started again. I have replaced the battery with a larger CCA battery. It make no sense to me what is going on. I have noticed since this happened that I don't have RPM reading on my dash as well as the H or L light once i get it started and my hour meter isn't working. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.