Kubota G1800 Wont Start. Start Clicks. (FIXED)



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Aug 27, 2020
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Good evening,

I have a Kubota G1800 tractor.
This Kubota would intermittently not start.
The bendix would hit the flywheel without engaging.
First, I bought a brand new Chinese starter. (Smart right?)
That didn't work so I tried shimming it.
I read online that you can put a starter relay into the wiring to get more voltage at the starter and this seems to be a common problem.
Eventually, I just bought a $11.00 starter button and wired it into the existing wiring.
I am putting this thread up to help anyone who searches for this problem in the future. The year is 2021 when lumber was high, trucks were in a shortage, and when Kubota diesels were mowing like they were 30 years ago from factory.

HERE IS A LINK TO A VIDEO OF THE FIX. If you have questions, ask them via YouTube my friends.

Mow on,


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Apr 19, 2011
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This is by far the simplest and easiest fix for this common problem I have ever seen.

There have been numerous posts regarding this exact problem. The root cause is deficient voltage to the starter solenoid. On other TBN posts I have seen where Deere actually sells a kit for installing the relay you mention above. Other individuals have posted wiring diagrams for installing headlight relays etc. for the same purpose -- to get stronger/higher 12v to the solenoid.

Background on the problem is that most of these small tractors have many potential voltage drops in series between the starter switch and the solenoid input wire. They include interlocks for the seat, for the PTO out of gear, for the transmission being in neutral, etc.

Anything that puts a little better voltage to the solenoid will work. For example a battery charger (which puts out a bit more than 12v, typically around 13.8v) connected the battery terminals works. Depending on how often the thing fails to start (or at what worst possible times!) you may or may not feel justified installing a relay or a starter button or just use the battery charger if it happens rarely enough.

Seems to me the "Starter button" solution fits 99% of the users who really do not need a key to prevent theft, etc. and is so cheap and simple it is the ideal fix.