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Sep 27, 2005
Does anybody have an idea what a like new G1900S is worth? This lawn/garden tractor has 140 hours,60" deck,all wheel steer,It is in "like new" condition.I can't locate a site that has a "blue book" on lawn and garden tractors.
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I would say that tractor would book out in the high 7's I'll check out the lawn and garden bible and see how close I am. However Kubota has just announced a new model to replace the High priced G series. So beware of the market value of the old G series, it may fall.

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Thanks Doc,I was hoping the price would be in that neighborhood.
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The suggested list price on a 1999 new G 1900 S is 9,040. and a G1900 is 8,440. I have a G1900 with 60" deck for sale 100 HRS. If you are interested let me know .
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I don't think these prices include the the cost of the deck,just tractor only.You need to add about $1500.00-$2000.00,depending on the size of the deck.New list should be around $11.000,I'd say 8 grand would be a fair price if the unit is indeed like new.And yes,the introduction of the new models might depreciate the value of the 1900,but I'm positive the newer models won't be near as rugged,or as well built as the G-Series garden tractors.
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I just bought a G1900S with a 60" deck, 53 hours and a few scratches on it for $7999 from dealer in MD.

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Dear Mary, I also own a G1900 1999 model with a 60 " deck. I live in MD. what dealer did you buy from? Do you notice that this tractor rides a little rough when mowing? Mine has th 60" deck also. I found that since the mower has the caster wheels that ride directly on the ground, that this is the cause of the rough ride and bounce of the mower deck as it follows the ground contour. You may want to tighten the helper springs on the rear of the deck as tight as you can get them to help the deck "float a little better" This worked for me ,hope it helps you too.
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Hi Mike,

I bought it from Frederick Kubota. Um, no it didn't seem very rough to me, but then, I've been mowing with a 1982 Power King 1614 for the last 12 years, so it seems smoother and quieter by comparison. Much more agile too. Thanks for the advice.

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Mary: I also purchased my tractor from Frederick Kubota, about a year ago. Throughout the year, their support has been phenomenally great, including putting up with all my dumb questions at first /w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif. Enjoy the G, may it serve you well.
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Hi neighbor,

I'd heard Frederick Kubota was a good dealer - why I went there. Glad to hear another positive experience about them.