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Oct 23, 2014
I am interested in replacing the electrical wiring on my tractor. Any advice/recommendations on how to do this?

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Your wiring looks pretty simple compared to todays machines. You can buy a harness or rewire it yourself if you are so inclined.


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Not same machine, but i replaced the wiring harness on my dk45 because some varmet damaged it in several areas. I purchased factory replacement unit and just started at one end and as i unhooked the first connection, I reconnected the new one, then moved to the next. I did this at every connection port. This way i know i would not miss any connection point. Whole thing took about half hour.

then i restrapped everything and added some additional plastic wire wrap over areas that had exposed wires to deter further ani al chewing. Has worked well past 6 or so years. No more issues with chewing.
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If I needed to rewire any Kubota prior to those with a computer I would not go to expense of buying a harness. Reason being Kubota hung 3x as many wires and connectors on their tractors than it requires to run everything on tractor. Stated differently 75% of wire is decoy and/or redundant that serve no purpose other than confuse and make troubleshooting more difficult. If you look at pre-computor automobiles you will see fewer plugs and less wireing than used on Kubotas. In addition to everything on a tractor cars have turn signals,window washers,horn,hi-lo beams,brake lights,radio,heater,windshield wipers and other accessories. If you search Kubota forums you will find as many electrical problems as everything else combined. You evidently have some experience with electrical since you asked. Depending on experience it can be simple as hooking each item to it's own fused switch.
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My 63 David Brown 990 could run just fine with absolutely no electrical whatsoever other that the starter. Only had to use my truck battery to jump start it. Same with my MF 265. Starter is needed to start it but nothing electrical is needed for it to run and work.
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My 63 David Brown 990 could run just fine with absolutely no electrical whatsoever other that the starter. Only had to use the truck battery to jump start it.
Most diesels,including 12 valve 5.9 Cummins are about the same way. I honestly believe Kubota hung all those wires and plugs on tractors to generate income off harnesses. Ever plug and connector is another place for potential voltage drop or total disconnect and there's a bunch. When is the last time you saw a dealer track down a bad connector and fix it? If there's power lose in wiring they replace the harness.