Kubota L3130 wiring diagram?



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Mar 17, 2003
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Actually, not so much a wiring diagram as information from someone who has done this: I am getting ready to install 3 27W LED flood lights (two forward, one reverse) on my L3130, and I can figure out how to wire it, but... I notice a spare fuse location on the fuse block, #6 I think, and wonder if it is a switched fuse, or always hot? I want to make the lights work only when the ignition is on. A wiring diagram would be nice, or better yet, somebody who has already figured this out.
I will install a DPDT waterproof toggle switch, since fronts/rear wouldn't all be on at the same time. Probably a LED indicator light also, since the rear could be on without my being aware during daylight? I think I have figured out a good location to mount them, and I will post some photos when it comes together.

Thanks for any help!


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Apr 7, 2010
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Sorry, can't help on the fuse, but I ran mine with a fuse holder right off the battery terminal. It was the easiest way... I did exactly the same thing (4x 27w LEDs) on the exact same tractor. Never an issue. Sold it to a friend and he has been very happy too. Otherwise if you want to pin this fuse down, just start working with a voltmeter and looking for how/what it does...