Kubota M4800 - Need to manually wire the Temp Sensor to the Gauge

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Mar 23, 2019
Kubota M4800
Need a little assistance finding Temperature Sensor and Oil Sending unit and getting them wired back up.

Several years ago parked my Kubota M4800 in a 3 wall dirt floor garage and rats chewed on the heart of the wiring harness in the dash leaving lots of bare copper exposed. At that time the Fuel Gauge got really flakey, and lights quit working.
Being that I don't go on the road and don't operate at night didn't need the lights, fuel gauge never seemed to be all that accurate so no loss there either.

A few months ago I noticed the Temperature sensor and Oil pressure quit working. No new signs of rats feasting on wires. I am thinking they were damaged when the Rats chewed on the big bundle of wires but those 2 were still making contact.

Now that temperatures are getting better in the afternoons time to get back on the tractor and feel the need to get the Temp and Oil sensors working.

I can trace the wires to the gauge in the dash, but I don't know where to look on the engine to find the Temp sensor and Oil sending Units.
I haven't much time looking yet, but any help would be appreciated

She's a 2006 I bought with 50 hours on the clock in 2009, still has less than 300 hours. Typically sees 20 - 40 hours use a year. Mainly for Bucket work and some shredding.

Thank you in advance,
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Jul 12, 2017
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I think you're gonna have to pick up a manual or have a board member send you a copy of what you're looking for.
Got a print and digital copy of the Kubota WSM for my L45 and M9540.
They point me in the right direction for finding things on my tractors but my experience is that the Japanese are great at building machines but not so much writing English manuals for their tractors.
Only help I can offer is that the temp sending unit will be somewhere in the water jacket while the oil sensor will be located somewhere in the engine block.
You might try checking the fuses too?
Good luck.
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Aug 24, 2019
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Kubota L2501 HST,
You could ask the dealer or mechanic the physical locations of the components. The temperature sensor is usually near the top of the engine close to the thermostat. The oil pressure sensor can be just about anywhere.