Tire Selection Kubota z411-48 tire replacement for better traction

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Jun 24, 2014
Snohomish WA
Kubota BX25D
I am thinking of replacing the turf tires on my kubota z411 mower with something more aggressive to reduce sliding on hills, especially when it's wet. I would be happy to find my adventures elsewhere, and it would be nice not to have to assure my wife that I didn't mow her plantings through carelessness.

The problem is that I can't find anything that matches the size of the stock tires, which are 25x9.5-14. Should I get a different size tire, different wheels, etc? Any specific recommendations are appreciated.
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Apr 24, 2012
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I wanted the same thing on my 2400. My tractor originally came with Industrials. I wanted a softer ride so I thought turfs would do the trick. To get a turf I had to change wheel diameter from 16.5" (an industrial equipment diameter) to 16". I bought new wheels and the turfs and to my dismay and financial loss, the sidewalls were as stiff as the Industrials, 4 ply.

Since I now had a standard wheel, I easily found 16x6 R1 farm lugs which not only greatly improved my traction, giving me new applications for the tractor, the sidewalls were softer, allowing for a softer ride with the low air pressures I normally ran. In the tire swapping, rolling circumference was the main thing to watch since, like most newer compact tractors, 4wd compatibility is a concern for proper front to rear traction.

Additionally, before I gave up on the OEM installed industrials, I had added a significant amount of rear axle weight via bolt on weights that I scrounged around and found that fit my wheel bolt patterns. So, thinner tire, very aggressive lug, added rear wheel weight, made for a real tugger in a little guy and hillsides were no longer a consideration besides not adding it to my field work capable machines.

I left the OEM Industrials on the front as I wanted a wide, short, stiff sidewall for FEL work.