L3301 HST stationary PTO mode

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Nov 25, 2016
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I was at the tractor dealer today checking out small Ls and large Bs. The salesman and I could not get the L3301's PTO to stay running when I stood up.
The web site says it's got stationary PTO mode. How is it enabled?

It's weird that the B3350's throttle lever works backwards from the one on the L and my B7100.

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Lift the seat UP as you get off, you have a second or two... Tilt it up and on the steering wheel.
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I just flip the seat forward before engaging the PTO. That is how they intend you to get it to run the PTO without the operator presence switch kicking in.
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I zip tied down my operator presence sensor switch so I could stand & see the end of my pallet forks. Would work for this as well if proper flipping of the seat is to much of a pain.
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According to the manual;gear selector in neutral,brake on,engage PTO and tilt seat forward or if that doesn't work a 50# sack on the seat!
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I don't know if the tractor has to be in N to run the PTO in stationary -- don't think there's a switch to even detect that -- but it's sure a good idea. I always slide the gear selector into N when I run my wood chipper. One less thing that can go wrong.
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My HST has a neutral position?
It does but I've never put my HST into Neutral for chipping. I do put the brake on pretty much any time I get off the tractor... it has a habit of rolling if I don't.