Land Plane/Leveler

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Sep 4, 2008
NW Florida
Kubota L4400 4x4
The Land Plane with enough power to pull it fairly fast, is something to behold. Had a big rig show up at my farm to repair a leaking pond. A 450 hp Case 8 wheel drive pulling two 12’ hydraulic controlled planes, one behind the other. Every pass it cut 1 ft deep in the hard clay. That setup cut everything, including 3 ft in diameter stumps. The monster took about 30 minutes to make a 8’ deep 1 1/2 acre pond. Piled the dirt. Then the guys took a couple of hours to line the pond and then put 18” of dirt on the liner using a Bobcat to spread the dirt as it was dumped by the plane, just like a belly dump.
Trick is to have a cut wider than the tractor tires for the tractor to fit down into. The Plane will dig a big hole very quick, or fill one up. It really has 101 uses.