Landpride Quick Hitch

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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
Does anyone have any experience with the Landpride QH-15 Quick Hitch?


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There are other threads talking about this subject. I have a similar type hitch to the one you are talking about. To be honest I dont like it. It is ok if you have all the same size three point hookups and if the top pin has enough room for the top hook to slide under it. I have tried to hook it to two pieces of equipment the first one was my boxblade and it did not have enough room for the hook to slide under the pin. I had to get the adapter that means you have to get off of the tractor to hook it up. Which is not a big deal. The other thing I tried to hook up to is my brushhog which had the pins too far out for the adapter to hook to. I finally pulled it off rather than adapt the brush hog. I believe there is another type of quick disconncet that people on TBN recommend. The other adapter only fits on the 3 point hitch arms but you dont have to modify any eqipment to make it work. You might want to look into that.
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I've got one. I gave it back to the dealer to resell, more trouble than it's worth. Sidey