Large Bucket Container.

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Jan 18, 2004
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Large Bucket Container.

Has anyone made a large container bucket or bought one for a PT 425/422? I am talking about one that would hold about 50 cubit feet of material. I am thinking about building one and would like to see or hear some ideas. Maybe one that you could make from an old oil tank or the like. Thanks Guys.
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What would you be using it for? This amount of material would throw the center of gravity way forward. With the 10 cu bucket filled with normal load of dirt you have to be very careful to not tip forward. Compost would be perfect for larger bucket container.
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If I were going to build one for compost, I might consider something that would attach to the pallet forks. Kind of like a large box with small sides on it to keep the compost from spilling out. The compost is much lighter than dirt and you could afford to carry more, 50 cu? Not sure about that though...
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<font color="red"> 50 cubit feet of material </font>

If some's good, more's better. A 2 yard bucket, however, on a 425 may be a skosh on the high side, even for mulch.
But be sure to post pictures. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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Is this what you are talking about.


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That is a fiberglass laundry hamper.
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“(What would you be using it for?)”
For raking grass into it off of the ground like when I dump the yard sweeper.
For placing pond moss into it (if the bucket is placed on the ground it would be much easer to collect the moss even if you need to fork it into it. It would also be much easer to dump the bucket than to get the moss out of a trailer.
For hauling fire wood (I believe the PT would handle at least 3 times as much wood as the 10 cu bucket would maybe more.

“(Is this what you are talking about.)?”
Something that would attach to the pallet fork would be ok but I do need it to meet the ground much like the bucket lip does.

(“If some's good, more's better.”) I agree that for things like dirt rock and other heavy material 54 cu would be a way too much. I will most likely end up making a 30 to 40 cu bucket and I will be careful not to over load it. As many of you all have said if the back end of the pt comes up you might be load heavy.
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That is really cool - PERFECT
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You may want to use expanded steel for bottom and sides to save weight. Most stuff like leaves and grass clippings won't fall through it and it weighs considerably less than sheet steel.

However, I'd still be concerned with front tipping. I don't know the math, but there is some formula that can figure out how far out you go = less weight it will lift.

OK, geniuses... I'm not too proud that I didn't take to math very well, so edumcate me on the math formula, please.

Here's what I want to know...

If the PT will lift 800 pounds at the quick attach plate
the front tires are the pivot point
we assume that the quick attach plate is 2 feet from the center line of the front tire...

How much weight will it lift 2 feet from the quick attach plate?

How much weight will it lift 4 feet from the quick attach plate?

How much weight will it lift 6 feet from the quick attach plate?
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24"x 800Lb=19200, 19200 divided by 48"=400lb, 19200 divided by 60"=320lb, 19200 divided by 72"=267Lb. Of course you would need to add more of a stability factor the farther you go out.