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Dec 21, 2004
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What are the major differences in the CUT 4540 and the Utility 4340? How do they compare in price?
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Physical SIZE says it best! I own and 4540, which I gave an initial review of in a seperate post in this forum.

The 4540 shares the same chassis, transmission, FEL, tires, and operator platform as most of the smaller Mits engine powered, Shuttle trans, Montana compact series. The 4540 engine is bigger then it's smaller brothers and therefor it has more power. Most everything else is the same, except weight of course which is heavier due to the bigger engine.

From what I understand the UTILITY size 4340, 4740, and 5740 share the same chassis, FEL, transmission, tires, and platform. They are bigger then the compacts. Completely differnt user station latyouts. Bigger front end loaders, heavier, bigger tires, different transmissions, etc.

In brief:
Reasons for getting 4540 or smaller COMPACT:
* 6' or less tall
* Mowing
* Light to medium FEL work.
* Box blade work
* Light ground engaging work.
* Working in tight spaces "barns"

Reasons for getting a 4340 or bigger UTILITY:
* Over 6' tall
* medium to heavy FEL work.
* medium to heavy ground engaging work.
* moving heavy round bails by FEL and/or 3 point
* It still will do everything a compact will, it's just heavier and bigger, so manuevering and foot print will be worse.

As for pricing, you should be able to get a 4540 with FEL for about $18k and a 4340 with FEL for under $19k

It appears the 4540 has went up some since my purchase and the 4340 has came down. Less then 1K spread in them now from what I'm seeing.

Hope this helped...

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Hello Keith,

Jim is correct in his assesment of the 4540 for the most part. It has some very slight variations in it and the 3040 and 3840 but those would almost be non noticable other than the significant weight difference of the tractor and the lift capacity of the 3 pt. lift arms.

The 4340 and 4940's are another animal completely. With the 4340 you get what I believe to be the best available tractor in this size category but I am a bit biased. I sell more open station 4340's than any other utility.

It is large and open, heavy, much larger loader etc. The 4340 and 4940 are basically the same but the 5740 is then again much larger. The 4340 and 4940 are 125.6 in in length vs. the 5740 of 142 in. the 5740 can be cat 1 or cat 2, lift capacity of 3 pt. is significantly more. There are many differences but you need a spec sheet and if you would like I would be happy to email you a .pdf on the specs.

On the 75 acres which I am assuming is where you are working, what type of work do you be do and how much of the land will you be working? Will you be doing ground engaging work like bottom plowing etc.?

I have some pictures of a 4340 doing some good field work and would be happy to send for review if you like.

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Thanks for the input, guys. A local dealer is supposed to be getting some fo the 4340 utilities in the near future. I'll have to check them out when the arrive. I'll be using the tractor to handle round bales, so it sounds like the 4340 will be the better choice for that.