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Jul 5, 2005
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How are you guys I see most of you are still here.. It's been a while since I posted here as Barryh..

Use to have a PT-180. Loved that little machine. I may buy another one just like it sometime this fall.

Was wondering if anyone had a line on a used 422 / or 425 in the same price range. Have looked everywhere but as usual they are hard to find. I may wait until fall and spring for another new 180 or 422.

My property is small about 1-1/2 acres so the little 180 does everything I need it to do around here. I just wanted the Mini Hoe option this time around.
Worst case will buy a 180 and put in the extra plumbing to add one.

Hope all is well.

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You looked at the used listing on Power-Trac's website?

Used Power Tracs

Although the pickings look pretty lean right now. Maybe the 2008 PT-1430 ($8.5k).

As the happy owner of a PT-422, I would advise you to buy nothing smaller than the PT-425. :D More torque, higher lift, and (most important) two steering cylinders (so you avoid that dreaded PT-422 steering tear-out). Hasn't happened to me yet, but the clock is still rocking...
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I have a 1999 PT-422 for sale. Looking to buy a new 425.
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I have a 1999 PT-422 for sale. Looking to buy a new 425.

Thanks Bob, Frank,

I appreciate the response. I know about the one cylinder rip out.. I have decided to wait until fall.. I still may even buy another PT-180. Other than the Mini Hoe option that I wanted it did everything I needed it to do around here.. In fact my neighbor who bought and sold it to his friend in PA. Says he was thrilled with it and say's it is still going strong.. I just need something to work my little property with. I remember picking up large dead tree's with it and moving them across the property ..Thanks again for the help.

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Hey Mr Moss.. ;)
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Sorry Tmarks11 ..

I must have been reading a thread with Bob's name in it right before I replied to you and Frank. Not enough coffee. ;) Thanks for the input I'm still thinking of getting a new 422 in the late fall .. I plan to have the one cylinder reinforced. Plenty of machine for me. Yes I have looked at the listings... I think new is a better way to go for my needs..