Lines added for front grapple thumb on bucket

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Apr 30, 2011
Jackson, NY
Kubota L2501
I decided to build a thumb for my bucket. It's all scrap and re purposed bits I had lying in the shop, nothing fancy. Then I had to plumb it. I had thought about adding a third valve at the loader valve but since I already have rear remotes with it's own valve and tee's at the quick connects in the rear I figured I would just run the lines back there. I won't be using front and rear anything at the same time and I am using my hydraulic top link for the thumb.
Whoever plumbed the rear remotes had installed two sets of quick connects on a tee, one pointed down and one set pointed straight back. When I use the top link in the rear I use the ones pointed straight back so I figured why not use the ones pointed down? :)
After some measuring I made the trek to my local TSC in hopes of finding the hoses and fittings in stock. I needed about 16' of hose but ended up buying two 14' x 1/2" hoses , two 4' x 1/2" hoses, two female to female connectors and a pair of swivels to make my life easier for the rear.
I used the rear set of quick connects up front. :)
In all it cost me just under 200 bucks including some rubber caps for the QC's and some heavy duty zip ties. I'm happy with the results, now I need to finish welding the thumb together, I had it tacked until I tried it, I'm no engineer so it's trial and
The rear

the valve:

and the hose routig: