Looking for a cheap & easy repower?

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Feb 20, 2009
If your looking for a cheap repower for your BCS or Grillo, check out this Subaru Robin 9 HP on Ebay - Robin-Subaru Engine 9 HP - Free Shipping | eBay . I picked one up for my 735 (Briggs Vanguard died and parts would have been almost as much to fix it as I paid for a brand new engine) and it was an easy swap. The whole transistion took maybe 45 minutes (the hardest part was getting the clutch off the old engine) and this thing runs great! With the OHC it is much quieter than the Briggs. It is hard to beat a new 9 HP engine for $275 delivered to your door.
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Hey mpapiary,

That 9 hp Subaru is a great engine. The Europeans can get them installed on a BCS or Grillo. I just sold a g85 with one to a Mennonite in Platteville, WI and another on a G85d to a market gardener in Fond Du Lac, WI. Once they get some market exposure, I think they'll be as highly regarded as the Hondas.

One thing - they aren't a direct swap from an Acme. An adapter kit is needed if replacing one.

Keep us posted on your impression of the engine.