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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
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I have a Huskvarna GTH 2548 that is about 6 years old with about 250 hours on the unit.

Last weekend while I was mowing the thing suddenly shut off while in the middle of the lawn.

It will start with the clutch depressed but dies as soon as I let the clutch our. If I leave the clutch depressed and pull the switch for the electric clutch it dies.

I'm sure the problem is electrical but the question is where to begin?
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It sounds like the seat switch. I know if i sit up off of the seat while mowing and the clutch is out, the mower will die. If the clutch is in it wont. Lift the seat and see if its packed with junk that is limiting the switch from engaging
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Thanks for the advice, it was the seat switch. Somehow it worked it's way loose from the mount, when I popped it back in started up and ran just fine.