Looking to vent and seeking advice on rebuilding pistons/cylinders.

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Jun 25, 2021
Kioti CK30 HST
Hey All! Still new here and writing to share some frustrations (no psyc fees). Last spring, the wife and I purchased an older model CK30HST with a loader and backhoe (KB2375). No issues last summer, but this summer has been a different story. Three broken 'knuckles' at the end of pistons and one weld on the boom of the back hoe have had us 'down and out' for a few days this summer. Two of the breaks were do to a missing pivot pin. The third was excessive force applied. We currently have a piece of property in Downeast Maine that we are working on to build a cabin (first) and then a larger house. So lots of backhoe work to clear land and dig out some foundations. Anyway - the wife seems to think the tractor is indestructible. Im not saying that all of the broken knuckles have been her fault. Like I said - the tractor is a 2008 model? So a bit older. Anyway - we seem to be in a bit of 'tug-of-war' between me trying to offer advice and her thinking I'm telling her what to do. (Back story - I am still working - remotely, so for most of the day I am online doing my work while she has put 10x more hours in the seat than I. She has become quite talented behind the wheel so I am more than happy to let her drive while I do more of the grunt work on the ground). Regarding the rebuilding of hydraulic cylinders, I get and see that it's pretty straight forward - my biggest concern is finding the RIGHT Seal Kit to use. It seems like it is almost impossible to find the exact right seal kit for the different cylinders. Like I said, the wife has gotten a little rough with the tractor and dinged up a couple of the shafts that have resulted in some compromised seals with leaks. My plan is to take several of the pistons/cylinders off this week and take them back down to Florida to rebuild over the winter prior to returning next spring. I'm looking for some advice and help on finding Seal Kits to rebuild these hydraulics. I see some use super glue to fill in nicks and then sand smooth. Any other techniques? Also - anyone have a go-to website for all the Kioti seal kits? Thanks! I feel better now.
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Check Michigan Iron Equipment website. They have a nice online parts catalogs along with the diagrams and prices. You should find the seals kits there and pretty much anything you need for a Kioti.

However, what I do recommend, although a little bit more time consuming, is to pull the seals out, go to an hydraulic shop and buy them individually. Usually, comes out a looot cheaper than the kits.

When I have to rebuild a cylinder, it usually doesn't cost me more than $30 to $35. OEM seal kits can be crazy expensive for no real good reason.
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We can help you find the correct seal kits for your tractor, however if you have a reputable cylinder repair shop, I suggest getting them to do the whole job.