Lost 4x4 Montana 2840

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Oct 27, 2017
Montana 2840
Well I was doing some scraper work on my road. I had the 5' scraper on the 3 point. The material was freshly graded windrows from full size grader work. I had to move the materials the grader left blocking my gate. I heard no grinding or poping. I had to do multiple 3 point turns. The work wasn't too difficult and seemed to go smooth. Near the end of the work I noticed I had to lock my rear diff where I normally would not have. I confirmed the 4x4 lever was in 4x4 and felt the operation of said lever and it felt normal for the most part. The winter storm today started to roll in so further testing was not prudent. I park it inside a shipping container and require working 4x4 to climb the threshold on the entrance. I could not climb it so 4x4 is not operating.
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Hopefully you don't need it for plowing. Good luck, maybe it will be something simple.