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Oct 4, 2014
I got a price on a brand new ls xr4046h with a bh open station $31,800 finance price what do you think a good price my other question im in the landscaping business should I get a cab?
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Seems like a pretty good price. I was quoted $32,298 for the same just a week ago.
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How much more is the BH? I see the cab models going for under $26k all the time. The cab option is 3-4k, I don't see the BH costing $9k
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Tractor $24,699 BH $7,599. Where are you seeing the cab model for under 26? I shopped around for about 3 months. Further East I went the cheaper the price, but then the shipping started to outweigh the savings, plus a lot of the dealers I spoke with seemed more like used car salesmen than tractor salesmen. They knew what the LS website said about the tractor but not much more. Felt like I knew more than them until I found the dealer I finally ended up working with.
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I bought a XR4046HC with backhoe,filled tires, and extra bucket last year in Poplar Bluff Mo. for $32,900. I have the cab model and you get a lot of extras with the cab model. I used my tractor on my farm all winter and it was great having the cab during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. Some say the cab could be a hindrance because you could break a window, but on the other hand the cab could take the damage instead of your head. I bought full coverage insurance to deal with it. I have broken one mirror, and had scratches on the roof from low branches but I could have had gashes on me without it. the work lights need attention if you do get a cab as the front ones are just mounted on the fiberglass and are not strong enough.