M7040 mounting fire extinguisher in cab

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Dave M7040

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Dec 10, 2012
Williamstown Ontario Canada
Kubota M7040 Nuffield 465
I have had a close call with a squirrel nest built around my turbocharger.
I would feel better having a fire extinguisher handy but finding a place to mount one in the cab seems next to impossible.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Dave M7040
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Firstly. good on ya for getting around to installing one on your rig. You won't need a big one & you can pick one up darn near anywhere... so don't hesitate getting one and then figuring out where you'll install it as they're fairly inexpensive. They come with a mounting bracket so your job's half way done. Heck, buy one for your vehicle, workshop and for around the house whilst you're at it. I have, but then I'm a pedantic retired Navy man; I'd rather have them and not need them than the other way 'round. :)

Two suggested mounting areas (I've not familiar with your cab) are up, behind you = out of the way but you know where it is and it's accessible or on the floor of the cab, perhaps to the right where you don't normally enter the cab.

Plus, check out the "Previous Thread" area at the bottom of this thread.

Good luck, Mate.
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On my L3200 open station I used beefy zip ties to strap the mounting bracket for a 5lbs one to the vertical part of the loader frame. It held up well until it got whacked by a tree. Just needed more zip ties to put it back on.

I had a plastic cap from protecting hydraulic hose threads or something I put over the nozzle. I'm sure it will pop off the second you trigger it & its barely tight enough, so it keeps crud out.

I'm with Wagtail. I'd rather have em & not need than need & not have.
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I keep a couple of these near my wood stove insert. I bet you could zip tie one to or under your seat. I put a soda can next to it for scale.


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