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Jul 22, 2006
NW Alabama
I want to change the transmission hydraulic fluid in my shuttle shift 2565. The owner's manual calls for "MAHINDRA UNIVERSAL TRACTOR FLUID". There are no other specifications listed. What does Tractor Supply have that is equivalent to this. Looking at their website I see ISO 32, 46, and 68.
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You need more information than the ISO number. You need the specs for the Mahindra oil before trying to match it to something else. I checked the fluids at TSC and none of them mentioned Mahindra in the specs. If you can't get the specs, you're better off getting the Mahindra oil from a dealer. Doing otherwise could cost you a transmi$$ion or pump.
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Traveller "premium tractor trans/hydraulic fluid" meets the spec. Or use case Hy-Tran, or jd Hy-Gard. Easy enough to come by.

Don't put in 303 or ISO fluid.
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It's made by TYM. TYM owners say that TYM recommends this:

Travller UTF

There is also this if you want branded

Rotella UTF

If you have a Deere dealer nearby the HyGard is a great recommendation as well.
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i used travelers without issue
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I used Shell UTF.

I visited Shell's website, and it had a way to look up which of their UTF's would work with my eMax 20S. They showed two flavors: Special-Order, Model-specific UTF, or another that was a common application for a very wide array of tractors, a truly universal UTF, available at Tractor Supply Co., Mill's Fleet Farm, etc. I bought a 5-gallon bucket of the truly universal UTF, at Mill's Fleet Farm.

I hired my indie mechanic to change it out for me. No issues since, putting 30+ hours on it after the change, using the entire hydraulics system: 3-point hitch lifting/lowering a heavy weight box loaded with stones; lifting/lowering/running a belly PTO Mower Deck; FEL; running the tractor all over my 2.5 acres, lifting/moving/pushing heavy loads. It operates normally, like it should, like it did when I bought it, prior to the fluid/filters change. Cheers!