Making Some Hay in the UK



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Jul 17, 2007
Devon, UK
John Deere!
The weather has cleared up from the constant rain and flooding that we thought had spelled disaster for Hay making this year :D

But, a lot of people who live not very far away from us have no water to drink or wash in and have no homes. Their houses are 6' under water :eek:

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to cut some of our hay.

Our neighbour is going to do the cutting. He is going to start tomorrow morning. We hitched up the disc mower today on to the MF 165. I won't be able to get any pics of the mowing as I am away tomorrow. I will try and get some pics of it sometime.

Then we will start tedding it. We will ted it twice tomorrow after it is cut. On Wednesday and maybe Thursday we will ted it three times. This is a lot of tedding but the grass is very thick and very wet. We will have about 45 acres to ted so we will be busy. We will put the MF165 on a tedder when it has done the mowing and a MF135 on a tedder too.

Hopefully we will be baling it on Thursday or Friday. For the majority of it we will be having a big round baler coming in to roll it up as it is not worth the effort to put it into converntional bales and we want to be able to get it out of the weather. We can always convert it into conventional bales at a later date if necessary.

I think I am going to be slogging it out on the conventional baler when the time comes. It requires quite a bit of coaxing to get it to make good bales :D

We have an accumulator to go behind it to put the bales into blocks of eight and then have some grabs for the loader to pick the blocks up. It still takes a long time to collect though :( The MF165 has no shuttle shift or fast hydraulics on the loader!

I will try to take as many pictures as I can :D

If the weather stays nice we will start the whole process again after we have done these fields. But the grass in those fields is going over rapidly so it might just be chopped up.


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Nov 29, 2004
We've got sun forecast until Friday, just in time for most crops to be harvested, and hay as you say.
Grass is holding alot of water for sure, hope the rain holds off for you as the weather man says it will.


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Mar 24, 2007
I know our thoughts have been with family over there in Herefordshire and Worcestershire because of the flooding. One village where I have relatives was cut-off for 2 days without power, but they managed. I imagine the pub was still open, so it wasn't a true crisis.

Best of luck with the haying. We're looking to have a dry week here on the coast of Washington as well... so I may get the 8 acres I have left to do finished about on the same schedule as you. I brush hogged those fields in mid Spring, so they're ripening up very nicely now, about knee-high with a lot of green leaf on them.