Manual pto on /off valve?

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May 4, 2010
Jessup Mill, NC
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Anyone with a pre-12v pto valve, the manual handle operated one...

What is the intended position for ON?

I think mine is not stopping where it should and causing some trouble in flow. This is on the 42x mystery machine.

It's by my right foot and off is handle vertical, on seems to be 90 deg. But nothing retains/stops the handle there. Maybe I knocked out a limit stud?
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My PT180 stops at 90 deg from vertical = off, to horizontal = on, 1/4 turn just like you assumed.
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Thx, friend. I must be missing whatever limits the handle motion. I'll see if I can replace it or install something.
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I like the manual control over the electric as it lets you modulate the start of the attachment. It seems the electric PTO goes full on when you flip the switch. Starting the mower blades is a shock. The manual control allows a "slip the clutch" gentle start. A good control.
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Good point. I can see that. I just need the handle to stay put!
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I looked at mine closer the other day. The rotating shaft/handle has a roll pin protruding which contacts a stop to keep it within its limit of travel. Look for a small hole in your shaft to tap in a roll pin. Maybe it walked out, if it fits loose, use locktite.
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10-4 thx friend. I see the hole. I'll walk a pin right back in there.