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Jun 14, 2022
3-Massey 275’s, 1-Massey245
I am in the process of rebuilding my Massey 275 and have a few questions. First the manual for the engine says to set the timing up for the counter balancer with the #1 piston at BDC but the marks don’t line up correctly. The manual later says the timing can be aligned on TDC or BDC. Anyone been through this? Next question is where can I find an injection pump (CAV3241F541) for a reasonable price, seem to have trouble finding this one on a lot of sites. I see a lot that say for MF275 but I just want to make sure I’m getting the correct one. I had an injection service look at mine and quote $1000 for rebuild and that’s hard for me to swallow since the tractor ran and started fine before rebuild, just had a lot of oil blow by when hot. Guides were shot and wear on cylinders! Has anyone had much luck rebuilding these without special calibration tools. Seems the seal/gasket kits are quite cheap for them.
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If you buy a new pump it will be chinesium and you'll likely have to pay someone to set up the fuel amounts anyways. Will it work? Maybe.

I paid $800 to rebuild my 135 pump. That's with keeping the original head, front gear, and bottom half. The rest was new including the top cover. Having a professionally sealed and rebuilt pump help get my tractor to top of the RPM range.

You can attempt it yourself, but if you get a spec of dust in there it won't work right. You also don't have any way to test it aside from mounting it on the tractor.

Dieseltech and pumpguysc rebuild pumps via mail and may be able to get you a better price.
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We’ll I finally got this thing rebuilt, all front end bushings, full engine rebuild and clutch as well as the injection pump/injectors. I had to do a lot of running around/waiting to get all the machine work done and I was not to crazy with the Maxiforce gasket kit. When I rebuild my 245 this winter I may get the basic Pistons/Liners/Bearings kit from Maxiforce because they seemed pretty decent and priced right but I’ll get an OEM gasket kit.


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