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Mar 14, 2019
Hi guys. First post on this forum. I've been looking for a small tractor for food plots and bush hogging my 70 acres. Found a 2018 McCormick X1.35 with 24 hours on it that I can get for 16K from an individual. It is 4x4 with loader and shuttle shift. Guy said he has hit some hard times and needs to sell. He has contacted me several times to see if I want it. He's about 45 minutes from the house and I have talked briefly with the dealer that sold it to him. He thought warranty would transfer but dealer said it was only good for original purchaser but they "might" do a warranty repair depending on what it was. Great sounding deal but maybe to good and that is what makes me hesitate. Another is that I only know of one other person that has a McCormick and his is a 100 hp that he has had since 2004 with just a few sensor repairs. So, what do you think about this deal and this tractor as far as longevity and durability goes? Any info on theses tractors is appreciated.

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The McCormick X1 series is just a rebadged Branson 20 series tractor, so that X1.35 is exactly a Branson 3520R. They are really well made tractors, very robust and heavy. Plus you pretty much get a Cummins engine on it since they Branson (Kukje) has the license to make Cummins engines.

I've heard several people in my country that have over 2000 hours on their Branson's without any problems and we sure do abuse our tractors with brush mowers fitted with big chains instead of regular blades that eats a lot of HP.

16K sounds nice but I'm not 100% into the US prices. Try and post this on the Branson forum, you might get more answers there.
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It may be too late but that is a good price. I paid $19,000 new and love the tractor