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Aug 1, 2000
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can i change out the generator(which is fried,can't be rebuilt) to a gm alternator? how does the wires go? i have a good one out of a 72 pickup,it has a 2 prong plugin and a single wire spade in the back. thanks in advance!!
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Jan 16, 2004
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jiminpa, Hello and welcome to TBN /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif Sorry it took so long for a response but we all get busy.
Now for your question, The generator has two leads one marked F one marked A . The F(pink from alt.) goes to the F on the regulator. The A(blue from alt.) goes to the other side #2 on regulator where the A was .Now you will have to make a heavy red from the alt. 12v to the Ammeter ,and connect it to the opposite side that the battery lead is connected so the ammeter will reflect accurately. Be careful and before you connect battery double check all wiring contacts to make sure nothings touching anything it shouldn't. Then upon completetion when you want to connect battery just touch it to the post first to see if you get large spark(hearing a snap) during connection if you do somethings wrong. If small or no spark hold it to see that no wiring is getting hot or smoking(you never know and you don't want to smoke your tractor).If everything looks good after a minute try it out,but don't tighten down your battery terminals till after you've run it for a couple minutes and shut it down. Hopefully it should work.
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Apr 19, 2001
I did this with a MF135 some years ago using a Lucas alternator with built in reg. Need a new bracket to fit the alternator and a longer adjuster bracket. Got a longer adjuster bracket from a car at the wreckers. Longer fan belt as well. Wiring is fairly simple you have 2 power cables - the heavy one is power out the thinner one is power in to activate the alternator. The power in lead must be switched off when the machine is not in use as it will flatten the battery. Another ignition switch with an off position is requiredas the diesel does not have this on the ignition switch. Dig Dean Austin has some wiring diagrams on his web site.