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Aug 28, 2011
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New member here, seems to be a lot more information on the internet than when I last dug into this tractor.

So the background is I have a MF 3545 with the electric over hydraulic primary in the transmission (gives it 16 speeds). Four years ago, a bad financial decision about an alternator locked up the clutchpack that controls the primary unit. We split the tractor, rebuilt the clutchpack, and put it back together. When we started it up, hydraulic fluid poured out of the front of the transmission. We split it again and replaced the two seals for the transmission input shaft (we had knocked them out in the rebuild). Worked fine for four years.

A few weeks ago, we start sweeping a field, and the seals pop out, pouring out hydraulic fluid again. We've split the tractor and confirmed the seals were out.

My question is, there doesn't seem to be any kind of positive retention for the seals other than friction on the primary housing. Any aftermarket products or tips for improving this seal?

Here's a picture, just for fun:

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On a side note, I know quite a bit about this tractor if you have any questions for me.
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G'day having had a couple of these apart (3xxx and 61xx series) I can tell you the only seals to use are geniune ones, I tried once to save the customer (dad NEVER work for family:laughing:) a few dollars and it came back to bite about 12 months later seal started leak, so split it and put in genuine and prob 4 years since no dramas. Did you use geniune or aftermarket?? I have no prob with using aftermarket when i can but i am a bit choosy as to when and where

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We used Agco parts from the MF dealer for the repair four years ago, and this one as well. Four years ago, there wasn't as much aftermarket for MF's, and there still isn't a lot for the 3545.
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G'day which seals do you have leaking? Are they the ones in the flywheel where the PTO drive goes into or the one up the inside of the g/box input shaft? I will see if I have got a book on them to see if your problem may be further in creating too much pressure where it should not be.

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They're the ones on the input shaft in the transmission, not the PTO.

That shouldn't really be the high pressure area of the transmission, should it? I know there's some pressure to keep all of the bearings lubricated. I admit that I don't know that much about hydraulic systems though.

Thanks for the help. :thumbsup:
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G'day you are right there should not be high pressure there. I am having a bit of trouble locating a book for your tractor at the moment but i will keep looking.

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Iam considering purchasing one of these tractors. It is a 1986 MFWD with 3 hyd remotes, 5600 hours. Have not seen the tractor yet, only pics. It is advertised as having a standard transmission, are there different transmission options for this tractor? Would appreciate any advice or info you may have. Thanks
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Hi I have Mf 3525 and the two speed power shift has start slipping in high what my be my problem it works fine in low