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Dec 16, 2011
My injector pump quit working, I bought a aftermarket to have a quick turn around on the repair. The problem I'm having in the replacement is everything is assembled the viewing hole for timing marks are open on the pump and also on the flywheel viewing slot. The only way I can turn the engine over is with the ignition key haven't found TDC and timing marks on the flywheel. What am I missing I cant get a socket on the crankshaft pully due to clearance. Is there another way to set timing before I take the injector pump off.
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I haven’t a clue what your trying to say.. but.. there are 2 different ways to install the pump..
1 is keyed on the drive shaft and a slot in the gear..
2 is 3 bolts in the gear and a dowel pin.. u line up the master tooth in the drive hub with the dowel pin and install the 3 bolts..
THEN bolt the pump up and rotate it to line up the timing line on the pump mounting ear to either the line on the block or the degree marks on the block..