MF1835e Rear Work/Flood Light

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Mar 2, 2024
New guy here with a new MF 1835e. As with most new 'toys' I acquire, some modifications/upgrades are needed.

In my case, and for now, the upgrade is adding a rear work/flood light. I have the light(s) mounted on the inside of the lower portion of the ROPS. The question is, where to get 12v DC, preferably switched either by the key or better yet, the headlight switch?
I've looked over the wiring to the taillights and hazards. On the left side (looking at the tractor from the back) there are 2 wires with female bullet connectors , a red w/black trace, and a red w/white trace that are taped off and attached to the loom that goes to the taillights and hazards
Any idea if either of these are 'hot' and if the circuit will handle 2, 27 Watt (less than 3 amp), LED lights?