MF188 generator regulator issue

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Nov 16, 2018
Proserpine QLD
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Hi guys, first post, hopefully it痴 in the right spot....
I have a MF188 that has been very reliable over the last two years. However now I need to get it registered so I have to get the lights etc working.
A while ago I replaced the generator but still have no battery charging input. Not sure how I test the regulator but thinking that could be the problem. As well, the key has been bridged to a push button start, no lights work, cut wires here and there, so if I could find a good wiring diagram I figure I will just rewire the whole lot front to back. Any help on the above issues would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Check the price on a new wire harness, they are quite cheap for MF 100 series, do you have a modern generator or the old dynamo type?
   / MF188 generator regulator issue
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Mine has the generator/dynamo type. It is brand new, figured I would try and keep it the same so there would be less wiring changes. Hindsight tells me now that I should致e went the alternator route and changed the wiring anyway. Thanks for that info on the loom though, didn稚 know you could get a loom for something that old. Thought I壇 be doing the old individual wire trick.