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Nov 16, 2018
Proserpine QLD
Massey Ferguson 188, JD 2130, Fiat 650
Hi. Would anyone be able to help with a wiring diagram of 100 series tractors? When I bought mine it had been cut and shut and bypassed in every place possible. I will get a new loom I think but it would be good to know what colours are meant to go where before I start. Cheers all.
   / Mf188 wiring diagram
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Hey thanks a lot mate. That will do me. The petrol side does not matter but there is all the info I need for the lights. Thanks again, much appreciated!
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Happy to help mate! It might not be strictly correct, given it is for the smaller 100-series machines but there should not be any huge discrepancies. Do what I did - download and save your own copy. I find that's the best, and you only need your laptop - then it doesn't matter if your shed or workshop is out of WiFi reach.
BTW, tell us a bit about your tractor! Pics are also great to check out. Cheers! :drink:
   / Mf188 wiring diagram
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Sorry for the late reply Patrick. She痴 a MF188. 8 speed, 1 local owner, road registered till the day I bought it (which I don稚 know how it passed roadworthy coz nothing works!). I personally know the mechanic that serviced it. A few people in the area have been buying old 100 series MF痴 to do up, I bought mine and put it to work that day. Never missed a beat since, 2 years and counting. Few issues mainly the electrical system and a leaky injection pump which is off to get resealed when funds approve. ATM trying to work out a fault in the fuel gauge which I will take on any info thrown this way. Have been away to the city getting the daughter痴 tonsils and adenoids removed so haven稚 had the chance to get back to the farm and have a decent look at the electrical system since I致e talked to the gurus here on TBN. Looking forward to attacking it!!! Cheers for the help.
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Anytime mate ... like most others on this site, happy to help if I can. Lots of guys have realised a 100-series is such value for money, and still have incredible reliability. There are still so many about, and spare parts are also still readily available. A 188 is some size! We have here my late father's 135 that he bought new and use it quite a bit. I also have a very useful MF40 loader tractor. You're quite right - they just never miss a beat, just keep going. I grew up on ours dairy-farming down near Taree, NSW, although home for us is now Beenleigh, Qld. I'd expect your 188 has an admirable history of life on a cane farm? I can remember as a boy reading some interesting material about cane farming and the harvesters of the era being on comparatively larger tractors and PTO-driven - things have changed quite a lot!
Electrical issues are no real surprise with Lucas gear :eek: at least their starters are reliable! :laughing: I've been a mechanic all my working life, and RWC Certifier for about 12 years, I still cringe when I see what's wrong with some cars that have been recently passed. As far as tractors go though, its really just about brakes that actually work, tyres not about to burst and not a huge amount of freeplay in steering. I'd pass yours too! ;) Oh, and our best for your daughter's speedy recovery! :thumbsup: