Minor T9 refurb - parts



Jan 8, 2008
Terramite T9
I have started doing a little refurb on my 2004 T9 with Kubota engine. Thought some of my parts search might help others.

Parts for the air filter housing and mount - Available directly from Enginaire. The air cleaner model is 2FW-E1. I got the correct filter set off eBay for $12.50.

My annunciator has a cracked and brown lens. It is a model EN204-SG-12 that was made by Enovation Controls. You can still find new ones on eBay or Amazon for about $125. Mine still works, but the lens bezel is crimped on an really not designed to be removed. My solution was to get a custom cut 2.15" glass circle off of eBay for $6.75, cut out the old plastic lens and glue in the glass one with silicone caulk right on the top of the bezel. It is now waterproof, clear and will never turn brown.

Took the old torn up heat wrap off of the exhaust pipe. Used Loctite Naval Jelly to clear up most of the rust, painted with high temperature enamel and then put new exhaust wrap on it that I got from eBay for $17, including the stainless ties.

New hour meter off eBay for under $12. Like the plastic lens on the annunciator, the one on the hour meter is also dark brown now. Why the don't use glass, I don't know.

New 4" over center rubber latches were five for $10, again from eBay (Get the idea that eBay is my go to place for cheap prices). They fit and work perfectly.

A new Rochester 5844S01793 Replacement Dial Capsule for 8280/8680 Spiral Fuel Gauges came from eBay for $18.

I am steadily rebuilding any leaking cylinders with locally sourced seals, etc.

Put a fuel shutoff between the fuel tank and the inline filter the is mounted to the skid plate under the floor board. It allows me to shut off the fuel and easily replace the filter with no mess.

Tie rods have nylon bushings in them that still appear good, but I will be getting new boots, probably from Terry's Terramites.

Already replaced worn rounded teeth on backhoe bucket with nice new chisel point teeth. Using a punch designed to remove the pins makes the job really easy.

Thinking of painting the buckets black and the rest of the machine with Rustoleum Sunburst yellow.

Do your research and you can probably find all the parts you need to keep those old T'mites running at a pretty low cost.

Hope this info is helpful to somebody.