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May 20, 2004
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Hello All,

I just flew in last night from the Montana corporate offices and took lots of pictures but I am not that great with a camera so they are not the best quality.

In any case, Montana is very organized, has huge inventory both in all of their tractor models and has a huge parts inventory and is just growing daily.

I was very impressed with the operation. Driving down the roads I saw Montanas on private properties and dealers are highly visible from the highways.

Montana has a game plan that is awesome, products that are awesome and second to none, management and ownership that is top notch and on top of things.

The tractor inventory was very impressive. I could not even get pictures that would closely show the magnitude of Montana but for anyone who is interested here are a few pictures.

Montana is a progressive, well managed and forward thinking company that will just grow. Dealers are coming on rapidly and the network is developing and I have to say I am excited about our future.

Customer satisfaction is excellent and as I see it the sky is the limit.

Here are some pictures.

Montana tractors corporate pictures

Let me know what you all think.

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Explane to me the "4th. pic I think" whole fleet of tractors sitting on rims? I can't quite see in the pic is that some sort of shipping wheel?
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The tractors come on steel discs just for moving. They are then outfitted with the Titan tires and moved in to the assembly area, detail etc.

They are not the rims.

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Welcome back Maka and glad you had such a good trip!! I'm on my way to an early morning meeting in Dallas, and I'll look at your pictures later today when I get back!! Again, glad you had a safe trip.
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Just came back from the Syracuse dealer meeting, It was Pretty informative for the most part. Lots of exciting things starting to happen with Montana
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When are they going to sort out the website
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That is a question I asked and they understand the importance of it and said they are working on getting it done. I hope they get it done sooner than later.