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Oct 31, 2007
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An update on my seat experiment, I purchased two seat suspension springs from JD (M153100 for and X series standard suspension) that were roughly the same base diameter as the rubber under the seat. I pulled the rubber and put in the springs and used a fender washer and small bolt at the bottom of each spring as a keeper and the ride is day and night. Rides like a it should have when new. I had cut the tops of the springs a bit to make it level when I am sitting on it. Overall took about 15 min and $12.64 to make a decent ride.

It is a cheap fix and cheap experiment. I mowed a bit today to try it out and my back it thanking me.
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You could be waiting quite awhile:) .
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No pictures?...Shame on you:D
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Well, darn me. I will get some on here tomorrow.
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Here is a picture of the springs installed.


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Forgot to mention and it did not show in the photo but I glued thin rubber disks under the seat (where the old rubber springs rode) so the springs did not contact the metal of the seat. So far so good, no problems but a smoother ride.
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Great idea - just ordered mine and will let you know how it works out. Thanks for posting

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Thank you. I have about 8hrs seat time on this setup so far, no complaints and everything is working just fine. Let us know how your setup works for you.