My bucket is broken !

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Yes I think so, I wished I could weld. Most welder down here want an arm and leg to fix it.

How much is "an arm and a leg" down there? A newish bucket will be hard to find, expensive and hard to ship. Fix it, would be my advice.
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If I were going to buy a welder I would personally get a HOBART HANDLER 210MPV... Yes expensive but able to handle most farm/ranch jobs for the "hobby" welder...
Expensive yes but probably the least expensive in field of better welders.... Buy once, cry once, be happy for along time....

The $200 FCAW welder from HF is a joke for the uneducated beginning welder...
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I actually run 2 of them in a limited production setting and have for years. Only downside is they are incapable of running 50 pound spools, 10 pound maximum. Far as I'm concerned, best glue gun for the price point made. Even in a limited production setting, neither one has ever exceeded the duty cycle and they have enough output to do spray transfer. Both on 230 /1 btw.
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Don't be dissing my Central Machinery power tools.
I'm not. In fact I have a few myself. I'm a charter member in the Inside Track Club and have a HF credit card as well.

Some of the stuff is actually good. Just so happens that welder isn't.
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I see no picture of the bucket has ever been uploaded. My take is, no picture means it don't exist.
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Call some of the welding schools around you. Chances are you can find one that will let a student weld the bucket. It's also a good teaching opportunity for the school. A buddy of mine who runs a couple welding schools usually doesn't charge if the "customer" buys some beer for the students.
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Without a picture of the issue, your comment is worthless. Far as the cheapo HF welder, it's flux core and will make a mess of any weld you attempt.

I rebuild buckets for those less fortunate and it takes way more than a 200 buck welder.
respectfully disagree, the cheap inverter welders will weld, that is a fact.
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respectfully disagree, the cheap inverter welders will weld, that is a fact.
Whatever. I do it for as an additional farm income. I never said they won't weld, hell you can stick weld with a car battery if you are inclined. What I meant was, the cheap welders don't have sufficient output to weld heavy gage metal. Nothing more.