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An old Ford doing what it was made to do, doesn't get any better than that.
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The ORC is a must have safety feature, use it, I know from experience. I recommend the N-News Magazine for all N users.
Not for a sickle mower as others have stated.
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Cool tractor DB1200. I just about got a 1940 Ford 9N (painted like an 8N with the red belly) but the seller did not send me the video he said he was sending and didn't reply to my last message.
I don't know what's up with people? They list stuff for sale, I get ahold of them, say I'll take, not even haggling their price, and I never hear from them again.

Anyway I am going to pick up my new to me fully restored 1974 Ford 3000 diesel on Thursday!

The guy I bought it from also has a couple perfect fully restored David Brown 1200's also.
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Yeah it's amazing how things sale these days. When we went to get our 8n when we got there people was offering him more than what he listed it at so he would sell it to them and not me. Thanks about the compliment on the David Brown. I have done some work on my 8n since I last posted here. Installed new tires and wheels and painted the centers and also installed new hubs also.
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Guess I made a bad investment then, because I paid big for my Ford 3000, LOL
But I'm still smiling.
Tractors are good investments like bass boats are if they put a smile on your face. :)

Failed seals messed up the brakes on the 3000, 3600 and MF 265 but all three are back to OEM specs for a price. The 3000 diesel has wrist pin hammering and blue smoke under load so before my mechanic stops rebuilding old tractors I need to get the engine rebuilt
He has dropped his commercial accounts and sold his service truck. It is a keeper because it has the era specific OEM one arm Ford front-end load with the two way hydraulic bucket vs the common trip bucket.
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For many jobs, you just can’t beat an old 8n Ford. Planting sweetcorn, is one of them. I love the quiet gasoline engine. Henry really had that little 4-cylinder flathead optimized by 1951, and this thing gets great fuel economy. With gas now almost $ 2.00 a gallon cheaper than diesel, planting corn with this tractor costs me less in fuel than it would with any modern diesel tractor.

I also love the low operators platform, that is easy to board from ether side. That makes it real quick and easy to get in and off to change seed varieties or add fertilizer.

Finally, I haven’t seen any modern tractor that is easier to change implements on. The n’s were the model series that first brought us the 3-point hitch and every subsequent “improvement” was actually a step backwards.

The 8n is light enough, so that I only have to reach up for a tire lug, and I can easily manually roll it forward or back a little, to make very quick hookups. The hitch pin clearance is just about perfect, further helping in that process. They sure don’t make them like they used to and I’m glad I got mine when the getting was good.