My tank is empty

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Oct 23, 2000
Will County,IL
Kabota L3000DT, 1944 Farmall M, JD345
My JD GT345 (72hrs) is sprung a leak. I was cutting the lawn and started smelling fuel on each pass. Stopped the PTO and heard a sound coming from the rear. I couldn't believe my eyes, gas pouring out of the bottom of the tank. 3 gallons, all over my lawn ! I pulled the tank and seems that the transmission fan has been carving a small moon into the tank. It's under warranty....but how could this be. Anyone else ever heard of such a thing ?
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Maybe your tank has loosen little from the frame,or maybe your fan has a wobble do to a bad bearing??

I'm kinda surprise there not some sort of a guard for protection. /w3tcompact/icons/frown.gif
I would contact the dealer.

Thomas..NH /w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif
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Well I was surprised that the tank is not secured to the frame. Kinda drops in between two posts and rails. There is foam tape around the supports, which has moved out from under tank... Maybe 1/16", pretty close tolerance if ya ask me. I have already contacted the dealer... No problem, their picking it up.. I guess I can live without for a week. Grass is slow, no snow yet (bored !) This is just a weird problem !
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Doesn't surprise me that you said the make was a John Deere.
Just kidding guys. I just have a thing about Green. Remember there is only one color of blood. That is Red, then dont for get about orange.