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Feb 18, 2005
This is my first post and I'm looking to buy my first tractor and I need help!!!! There seems to be the most informative info here on TBN. Looking at the JD 4310hst or a Montana Hst.
I'm looking for detailed info for the 3440hst and the 3940hst.
Do they have the cruse control setting and other controls like the JD's? How about tilt steering? How do they compare to the JD 4310hst overall?
Any info would be a great help.

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Welcome to TBN, and I'm sure Maka or Dancce can and will jump in here and provide you with the detailed info you need. I don't know much about the Montana models you've mentioned as I have the 5740C, but it does have everything you've asked about and I believe those other models do too. They are kind of "standard equipment" on quality tractors. That's figuring by "cruise control" you mean the speed setting lever to the left of the steering wheel.

It's Sunday so responses may be slow today but you'll get your answers, I can assure you. BTW, when you compare the quality of the Montana to the JD and then compare the difference in price too, I figure I'll be welcoming you to the Montana ownership family soon too!! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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Hello Yotecat,

The Montana hst models are very nice. The LG3440hst is most closely comparable to the 4310 I believe but I will give you info on the 3940hst as well.

They both come with the following as standard features; folding ROPs, hydrostatic steering, electric/hydraulic pto, 2 rear remotes, position and draft, rear working lights etc. The difference in the 3440 and the 3940 is the engine. The 3440 has the Daedong 3 cylinder and the 3940 has the Mitsubishi 4 cylinder. Both very nice engines but I am partial to the Mitsu. Don't take that as go for the 3940 over the 3440 as that Daedong engine is awesome as well.

The hst models do have a crusise control on them. It is actually a mechanism where you just set your speed and lock it in and it is to the lower right of the steering column. Nice and well done.

I personally like the two pedals for forward and reverse on the hydrostat vs. many models that have a rocker. I do not know if the JD is rocker or two pedal so I can't compare those.

Have you driven one yet? I would suggest drive both and see what fits you the best. I am confident that you will really like the Montana.

Let me know if I can do anything else for you and good luck.