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Apr 14, 2011
Coal Valley, Illinois
John Deere 2305
Well, I bought the 2305 TLB w/ 62" deck today. They said it would be a couple weeks to get the tractor/loader/mower ready but the BH may take 4 weeks or so. Everyone else around said about 10 days for the BH so I'm hoping for that. They are going to deliver no charge, I hope they will pick it up to put on the backhoe if it's not in when the tractor is ready. I don't have a trailer that can handle this machine right now. I'd like to get a nice aluminum trailer, it would look nicer in the driveway. The little trailer I have now it relatively new, but is badly rusted from salt in the winter. I'm pretty sure my wife isn't going to go for another big ticket item right now!

Some of you may have read my previous post, I had been wanting to talk to the wife about the tractor for a few weeks, I new the promo financing was going to end today. Somehow, she was always in a bad mood after working and dealing with the kids and the proper moment never materialized. I had been casually browsing tractors on my laptop hoping she would bring up the topic. Also had a few brochures lying around. We had talked about it before when I was looking at spending $10K, she thought that was crazy. After time I think she realized that's what would happen so when she saw me looking she didn't say much.

Well, it was down to the wire and I had 2 days to get the financing done and a decision made. We had planned on widening the driveway, long story, but putting in a basketball system for the kids and it will be in the way when I'm readying my camper for trips. I simple basketball hoop turned into almost $7 k in concrete work! So... the other night I said "how bad do you want that concrete work done?" She looked puzzled and asked why, we had already lined everything up for the job. I said, well, if we were to by a tractor, I could excavate it myself at a later time to save cash and move the hoop later.

She was in a relatively bad mood (bad back problems and always in pain) and said "how much is this thing going to cost?" I was stuck, there was no "backing" into this one, I just had to say it. No time for upfront justification etc. I said about $385/month, that was the best I could do. How much is that she said getting more irritated. I don't even think I could look at her, I said around $20,000. "No way", that was it. I immediately said "that's fine, don't worry about it." She kept on a bit, I told her that I wasn't going to try to justify it to her, although I could. She wouldn't believe me, this has been a bit of a pattern of mine and she knows I could sell ice to an eskimo and make it sound like a good idea. One time I bought something, she found out and asked the cost, I said a few hundred bucks, she said "how many hundreds, 10?" I always thought that was funny, it was actually closer to 10 hundred than a few hundred.

Well, I wrote it off, I wasn't going to fight for it or pout about it. I know it's going to come back at me later anyway, that would have made it worse. The next day she begrudgingly asked the hours of the dealership and said we should probably go look at "that big dumb thing." I didn't smile, just the facts, gave her the hours so we decided to go look Saturday. I was hoping to start at the 700 series so I could show her these weren't much bigger, but she spotted the 2305 right away and said "you are going to look like an idiot driving that in our neighborhood." I told her she was right and briefly explained my options were limited for what I needed to do. Yes it's a big mower, but I need a lifter and digger. She hates the ropes, I told her that would keep me alive if I rolled it over, that's when she asked if it could come off!

On Sunday she said to do whatever, she knows we need something and had some time to think. I still wasn't going to do it, thought about waiting until this fall to get a 1026R but I need that 0%/48 month financing and didn't really want the first run of a new model. Member tkoza was nice enough to send me his number and lend me some advice, I felt a bit better and decided I should go for it. Made a few calls this morning to see if there was cheaper around and was not. Went and made the order.

I picked my kids up today and since I really have no one to tell about it I told them I bought the tractor we looked at. My 10 year old daughter immediately said "you are going to look like an idiot!", the apple doesn't fall far huh? The reason I'll look like an idiot is one neighbor has a inexpensive Deere from home depot and my other has a 300 series. I think they both assume I'm always trying to outdo them. I have al the Stihl goodies, backpack blower, Kombi system with trimmer, edger, pole chain saw w/extension and the metal blade brush cutter attachment. I have to say, I think that's been my best investment I use everything al the time.

I hope this tractor surpasses that, I believe it will. I am going to remove the safely triangle and put an "I'm an idiot" sign on the rear, that may make my darling wife smile. Oh yeah, I need to come up with a big diamond for our 20th anniversary in 3 years (been together 23 years now). She's been waiting on that for years, I think she's earned it! She made a point to tell me so I think that tractor is going to cost me more like $30K! Moral of the story, when in doubt, don't pout. Act like you don't want it and in the end make it seem like it was her idea. Wish me luck and sorry to ramble again! :confused2:
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I love your story. Best of luck with it. If your wife's anything like mine.... better be a pretty big diamond.:laughing:

Again best of luck with the new tool. Lookin' forward to seeing pix after it comes home.
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Yep, it's gonna have to be a big one! She's had the same little stone I bought her 17 years ago. She's definitely put up with a lot of my selfishness. I'm sure I'll be around here quite a bit now, good group of people and very helpful. I already have a pile of questions, but I have some more reading to do. I will have plenty of pics, I'm a photographer and it may help me justify to the wife when she sees the full potential. :laughing:
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Being a single guy I do feel for some of you married guys at time like this. It has to be tougher for you to make the equipment purchases with more mouthes to feed. Just remember that being a family man has it's own rewards too.
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You need a wife who is in to quilting, and then it is a matter of trying to keep up with her in purchases. We are on the third quilting machine now. They do get bigger and better each time. In that time, I'm still on my first "big" Deere of 14 years (whew, doesn't seem that long) but have a few 'other' smaller tractors. :D

I'd never call myself an idiot, but would instead say "lucky".
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I just have to wonder about that diamond. How big will it be? ( Lift capacity? Can it trench down six feet? ) Oh, and how many acres an hour can it mow? I hope she has a good story ready about all the work it can do around the homestead. . .
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i loved your story,an the truth is some wives are like that.but you love them an thats all that mom is the same way,except she raised thunder for about 30mins with me about buying a tractor.because she knew i was already in the process of buying it when i got home.heck she is the 1 that told me to put the fel on it,as it would be used the tractor was used all winter haying the cows.
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When I bought my Massey last fall, I paid cash instead of financing because it was 2000 dollars cheaper:thumbsup:. Wife complained all fall about we couldn't go on vacation because I spent all the money on that stupid tractor.:( After all the snow we had this winter, she hasn't said a thing because without the tractor we would still be buried in snow.:laughing: So remember it will all work out in the end.;):laughing:
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I think that anyone willing to spend 7k on a basketball hoop should cut their husband a break. Way to go Hink - congrats:thumbsup:
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Some days I'm so glad I married V. The only thing she every says is "go for it" and "it's your money" :)