New farm… ‘new’ equipment. 6120M thoughts and alternatives.

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Mar 24, 2016
Versailles, KY
JD 5100e with FEL
I sold my horse farm a few years ago, after building it from a row crop system. I did it primarily with a JD5100E with an FEL. Danuser tree puller, grapple and 3 shank subsoiler. I pushed it pretty hard, and in all reality, I needed a step up in frame size, to do what I asked of it. That tractor and farm are done and gone.

I am in the process of buying 126ac in similar state, with the goal of cattle this time. Row crop leased and farmed on easy mode, ie, little overall care and farmed around obstacles. So, I’ll have about the same situation on cleanup. I’ll be putting in roads, fence, and pastures. I’ll be clearing trees and brush. And then just having a tractor for use.

I could do it again with a 5100, but nothing smaller. But I’d rather move up to a 6 series JD size. I’m looking at a JD 6120M, but they are a bit pricey. I’m not opposed to other manufacturers, but I know very little about them. I grew up on a 4020, but don’t know anything from other manufacturers that would fit a similar frame size/capabilities. I want it built around the heavy primary use of an FEL.

So options…
1. Find or shell out the cash for a 6120M or similar.
2. Find an equivalent from another manufacturer.
3. Look at purchasing a heavy frame CTL and a separate older heavy frame 120hp+ tractor for ‘pulling’ work.

I’ve really tossed around the thought of separating out the FEL work and putting it on a CTL and then simply getting a tractor for typical non-FEL type tractor work. But that would be adding a completely NEW aspect. I’m not opposed, but I know little about CTLs. I’ve rented them numerous times, but I’m not certain where/what to go to find a good quality used one. I just don’t have the knowledge, and I don’t relish wasting money.

What are your thoughts?

I’d appreciate options and thoughts.