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Jul 5, 2005
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I bought a new Ford F-150 flairside today, with the 6 foot bed. Measuring it out looks like the front wheels of the PT would be setting on the middle of the tail gate.

Just wondering if anyone else has hauled there PT setting on the tail gate tied down. Wondering if the weight would bend the gate. I'm thinking not, but just wanted to throw this out there for anyone that might have done this??
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Which model PT do you have?
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I use to haul my PT425 in the full bed, but removed the tailgate. I didn't trust it to hold the weight.
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I have the 180.
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Thanks, that’s what I figured, but since I do have a truck now, wonder if there is any kind of reinforcement plate or something I could use to put down in the bed to extend and take pressure off of the tail gate.

Seems a shame to have a truck, and not be able to use it for PT transport instead of buying a trailer. I like the look of the short bed, it was a spur of the moment thing. I didn't have the PT measurements with me at the time.
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I think I remember a prior post where someone had a Chevy S-10 they hauled their PT around in. Can't imagine the bed was that much longer. Maybe it is?
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Well don't keep us in the dark, let's see some pics of the new Ford! :)
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Sure why not, remember you asked. Will get out there and take a few sometime this week. Pretty stock right now, will be customizing over the next year. When I'm through it will look like a different truck.
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Congrats on the purchase Barry! The 150 flairside is nice looking truck.

As far as the previous S-10 comments go remember that the S-10 line came in many configurations short bed extended cab, regular bed extended cab, long bed regular cab, etc. etc. :)

My opinion is as long as it is at least a 3/4 ton it should be ok. If the wheels extend on to the tailgate I would just run some solid runners (like a second set of ramps) under the PT. The only tricky part with that is in the loading and unloading where two tires are on the ground and the other two are on the runners/tailgate. You'd either want to use some sort of jack stand or fasten the runners to the truck bed to keep the down pressure off of the tailgate. Good luck!
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Thanks Bill.