New Guy with Kubota G1900


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May 26, 2021
Kubota G2160
Nice looking machine. I have the G2160. My fuel cutoff solenoid quit working. I ordered one from an EBay reseller. He sent me one that was all "burned" even the rubber boot was melted! Of course it also did not work. My relay box does work and it does send the signal to the solenoid connector but I said screw it. I added a very nice pull knob on my machine's dashboard and it looks totally factory. And it works every time all the time. I simply turn "off" the key then pull the knob. EZPZ. My machine overall is decent but was more rode hard put away wet cosmetically. I also had the "no start only click" condition common to these. I got fed up chasing that so I added a relay into the starter circuit that solved this issue as well. Got some high current relays off Amazon complete with wiring looms and connectors (plugs). Went in and works like a champ and looks "factory". I went through the new starter, ignition switch and all the other crap. Nothing worked. 20210424_164433.jpg20210424_164440.jpg20210509_144143.jpg20210509_144211.jpg20210509_144220.jpg