New Holland B95C Iveco filters

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Wombat Ranger

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Apr 12, 2023
Ford/NH445D, NH B95C, CAT TH83, IH TD8E
Good evening. I am new here, 1st post. I recently purchased a 2013 New Holland B95C Backhoe Loader. I really like the machine, getting spoiled by some of the comforts compared to my old 580SL, but unfortunately I am having a hard time speaking Italian. I need to get the machine serviced and am just having a hard time finding part numbers for the filters. The numbers I can pull from the spin-ons on the engine are 533654 fuel filter and SL10061 Oil filter. Interestingly enough the internet just about denies the existence of these filters. Anyone on here have the inside line on late model New Holland info?

   / New Holland B95C Iveco filters
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I think I got it figured out, thanks.