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Jan 10, 2004
Messicks looks to be carrying a new New Holland engine oil filter for $10.05, after the price on the older filters sky rocketed in cost. Does anyone know who is now manufacturing these new less expensive filters. Neil on one of his youtube videos stated that Fleetguard made the older engine oil filters. Specifically I found the Cummings Fleetguard LF16011 filter with silicone antidrain back valve and synthetic filter medium was once the filter for my tractor. I did purchase a batch from Fleetguard for around $19 each. If you purchase over $75 you got free shipping. So it is hard for me to believe that now Fleetguard is supplying these filters as the new Messicks New Holland engine oil filters. Sounds like a cheapened but still quality filter manufacturer has been chosen to provide a less costly oil filter.

#86546618DS Engine Oil Filter​


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Product replaces E9NN6714AADS

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Back when I had my TC33D, the first filters were PN 86546618 and the cost wasn't too bad. Then the number changed to 87415600 and the cost went up quite a bit. The early ones were also bigger diameter than the "newer" filters. Maybe they just went back to the earlier ones????