New holland powerstar t4.75 clutch problem

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Jun 11, 2024
New holland power star t4.75
i have a 2013 powerstar with power shuttle and 8x8 gears. i hooked up planter and main gears ended up getting stuck. i ended up switching gears and started planting. Well after about 5 acres the clutch pedal started to rise up slowly and tractor seemed to slip gears. I stopped and hydraulic fluid was 5 gals low. Had a leak in planter and didn’t realize it. Looking at where the clutch cable attaches ( what I assume is a clutch valve piston) was sticking out on the power shuttle valve. I couldn’t hardly move it in. Removed rear plug and got the valve to move in but pops out. Is that clutch valve hydraulically driven or is there a spring broke? Any ideas. I’ll attach a pic of where the clutch pedal attaches and rod sticking out.


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I'm not sure what you're hoping for here. Probably not a lot of experience out here with your particular problem. In the absence of a transmission service manual (which I assume you don't have) I would suggest working through various pages of the parts diagrams for some hints on what's in there that might cause that. I have never seen that valve so I can't find a page that specifically shows it. You might flip through until you find one that looks what you have.
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Can’t never tell Harry. May be someone from a dealership on here. But I have no clue, and I’m sure he is devastated
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Someone from a dealership? If anyone fits that bill they've been might secretive about it. My own dealership experience ended before his tractor was built. I've seen a few Powerstars around, but had no idea they had a mechanical inching valve on any of the power shuttle transmissions. I thought those days were long gone. I know Kubota has some power shuttle models with mechanical valves, but have never seen or heard of a Ford or New Holland model with anything other than full electronic control. In addition, I've never read anything concerning this feature here or an any other site, so I maintain that chances of someone jumping in with answers for his problem are skimpy at best.
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I agree sir. But I don’t blame him for appealing to us
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That’s kind of what I thought. It’s a pretty specialized problem. I have wired it back and power shuttle works but does creep forward when putting it into any gears which it never did.
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I have a similar vale on both my Kubota M9's with the power shuttle and all I can say is, buy a manual or take it to a dealer. On mine the valve is not rebuildable, replacement only and I'd say you roasted it with low fluid. For my money, it's dealer time. 5 gallons is 33% of my total fluid capacity. In the future you need to watch better for fluid leaks i hoses are hard piping. Wallet time for
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Just as I thought the low fluid caused an air pocket in the power shuttle valve. Took a while to find a bleeder but found it on top right side facing fuel tank. Removed cap and loosed bleed screw and ran it for a couple minutes. Put back together and pedal it back to normal. I did replace the cable and need to do some fine adjustments as it was to creep forward when putting into to gear. Only happen on the very low ranges. Just thought people should know if it happens to them.