New Holland PTO is weak



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Sep 8, 2009
I posted this on the NH page also but it may be a general hydraulic question. I have a NH TC45d. I replace the PTO clutch about 300 hrs ago because the clutch break failed. This season my PTO has no muscle. It will spin. It will turn the tines on the tiller but when it gets loaded it will stop. I have done all the usual. Check fluids, filters, leaks. All is good. I put together test gauges and I am only getting 130psi at my PTO valve block. It should be around the 200 psi range. My main system tests at 2500psi so the pump is pumping strong. It is a manual hydraulic actuated clutch so its not an electrical issue. I did replace 4 O-rings on the tubes that go from the PTO valve to the clutch with no improvement. I have pulled apart the relief valve and diverter valve and everything looked fine. Aside from tearing down and getting into the clutch again I want to make sure I am checking everything else before a whole tear down. I have heard that there are seals on the clutch that can go out but at 300 hours I would be surprised. Any ideas would be much appreciated.