new holland workmaster 33 short to ground

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Sep 25, 2022
kubota l235dt
Hey guys and gals
I have been trying to get my brothers new holland workmaster 33 working
My issue is when I start it-Shuts off 3 to 4 seconds later
Fuel shut off solnoid is getting postive current to ground-I can apply a ground to it and it will run but at high idle
when i turn the key on-my chassis is hot-I can take my test light and touch any bare metal and it lights up
I have checked starter,alternator,ignition switch,etc
Any one have suggestions?
Thanks in advance
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You can screw fuel solenoid out, remove plunger, screw back in pump. Leave disconnected from wire. Jump the starter to crank it. Key on so if you have electric supply pump, key off if mechanical pump, don't need a key. Have it ready to snuff air off and kill it, or disconnect, or back off throttle so you can kill it.

For a test light, or plain old circuit tester, idiot light. Disc the neg post on battery. Connect test light between neg post and neg cable. Usually I put the clip on the cable or ground. Use hose clamp, vise grips, c clamp, to fasten probe to the post. It will light momentarily and go off if things are fine. If it stays on, pull fuses one at a time, see what makes light go off. If that don't, un bolt alternator wires. Wiggle harness.

I'd check the first part of my reply first. Sounds like a stuck governor or gas in the diesel tank. I would eliminate the wires, by pass, and see if it runs correctly. If not, the tractor is protecting itself from you starting it. Make sure it's in neutral. Being prepared to stop it is more important than starting it. Nobody needs a runaway diesel.