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Feb 28, 2010
Hey people. My first post. A new model Iseki has come out, the TH 4365. I'm in the market for a new small tractor that needs to have a loader and a mmm. I realise I'm looking at two different animals here but I was all but sold on the Yanmar EA 2400 (Cub Cadet GC 2400 in your land). Most hours will be spent mowing and the Yanmar does this well it appears, and they are well priced over here at the moment. Does anyone know about the Iseki performance with a mmm, the decks quality, ease of removal. Any advice would be appreciated. Any advice about FEL? Info seems hard to come by, maybe because its new. From what I can read it seems like a well made, powerful little tractor. Any comments on stability, as I live on the hills, would be great too! Also am I correct in saying parts can be a problem with Iseki? Thanks
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Here's a link to the TH series Iseki if anyone is interested. The TM series has also received an upgrade apparently. I'm sounding like an Iseki dealer here, I'm not, this upgrade has just really caught my eye. I am still not convinced parts availability won't be a problem. Can anyone at least comment on this?
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I can make some comment since i have a TM217F. Spares are avaialble but not cheap. An air filter cost $106 and that was in 2005, an oil filter was expensive too. I have not tried to source other parts as the tractor has done 900 trouble free hours. I don't see many used Isekis for sale, probably more diesel mowers than tractors. But on a happy note I found that a Toyota Corolla oil filter fits just fine:D
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Thanks willi67. Looks like Iseki's are not marketed in USA, wonder why? Maybe rebadged under something else? Like the Yanmar/CubCadets. I'm not giving up on them just yet. Main dealer man is on holiday and they are yet to receive one of the new/upgraded models anyway. Too much money to rush into anything! Might be a good intro special available.
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I think I saw in an old post that the only Iseki dealer in US is in Hawaii .. lol.
Have you considered the Massey Ferguson GC2400? it has the Iseki 1123cc engine, its rated at 24hp at only 2600rpm whereas the Yanmar has 900cc 24hp but needs to spin at 3300rpm to achive the same power. AGCO sells Iseki and Massey.
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Excuse my mechanical ignorance, probably a dumb question. So if the Iseki engine produces 24hp at 2600rpm does that mean it produces more hp at 3000rpm? Besides wear and tear are there any other negatives of the extra 700rpm required by the Yanmar? The Yanmar engine sounds very quiet and has great economy. The MF GC2400 was a fair bit dearer last I looked, that was enough to put me off.
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Yeah, the more revs the more power,
I did make an error in the Iseki engine power though, looking at the Massey website there are two models the GC2400 and the GC2600 and both use the same 1123cc Iseki engine, as does the smaller Iseki TM model, ratings are

GC 2400 22.5hp@2600 rpm 3/1123
GC 2600 25.0hp@3000 rpm 3/1123

The Iseki/Massey engine claims 65Nm of torque at 2000rpm whereas the Yanmar has 55Nm at 2600rpm. But when marketing it can be claimed that the Yanmar EA2400 at 24hp is more powerful than a Massey GC2400 with 22.5hp. In real life I reckon the Massey would have more guts.

Having said that I just got a Kubota BX2360 for my mowing, and it needs 3000rpm when mowing kikuyu ha..ha Got it cause it was relatively cheaper and the dealer is 10mins away. Anyhow enjoy the search and at the end of the day the best tractor is one that's yours.:)