New McCormick X1.45 won't start

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May 21, 2018
2018 McCormick X1.45
Brand new 2018 McCormick X1.45 with just 60 hours on it. The dealer forgot to bring the operator's manual when he delivered it and has promised to mail it, but haven't received it yet. At about 55 hours a weird warning light came on the dash. Called dealer, who said it was the exhaust light and I just needed to run it at higher RPMs to clear exhaust. I did (has been running about 1200 RPMS, so ran it up to 2000 RPMS) and it cleared temporarily but came on again and has been on ever since. Yesterday after a few hours running, it started making a terrible clanking noise, almost sounded like a rod knocking, so I immediately shut it off. Then decided maybe it was water in the fuel, so used additive to clear any chance of water and cleaned fuel pump. Now it won't start. Turns over and tries to fire, but immediately stalls. Suggestions before I call the dealer again??
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Being that new and under warranty, I would make the dealer fix it.
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Yes, ultimately, if necessary, but I was hoping it was something simple that I'm overlooking and I don't have to let the machine sit idle while I wait for them to get a field mechanic out here to work on it.

I thought maybe someone else had experienced a similar issue and knew a quick fix/re-set, but my limited research so far tells me these are not common tractors, so not many people have them?
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Sounds like the DPF is clogged completely. Tractor is the same as the Branson 4520R. If you look in the area where the DPF/Muffler goes onto the exhaust manifold there is a small plug that can be removed. If it runs after removal of that plug, the DPF is clogged. Good and Bad thing is its a totally passive system and dependent on the operator to keep it clean. This requires at least 10 minutes per hour of full rpm operation to keep it reliably cleaned. You may be able to get it to clear up by running with the plug removed and max rpms for a few minutes. Do not use it like this due to hot exhaust gases being put directly into the engine compartment. Do keep hood raised while doing this.
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Thanks for that suggestion. I will try that first thing in the morning.
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Update - pulled that plug and it started right up. Ran it for a while at higher rpms and the light eventually cleared. No time to move dirt today, but hopefully will continue to run well when I need it tomorrow. And you can bet I will remember to blow out exhaust every once in a while.

Thanks again for your help. (Now if I can just get the freakin' dealer to send me that manual so I know what to do for standard upkeep.............)
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No problem, glad I could help. Be sure to use plenty of ballast. If it gets to the point it cant move with a bucket of dirt without being in 4wd, its time to add more weight to the rear. In case your dealer didn't mention it, break in service on these tractors is scheduled at 50 hours. All the drain plugs should be marked with yellow paint on the ends. If its anything like the Branson manual you aren't missing much.
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Just want to be sure I use the correct oils, etx when servicing.
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For the engine, 15W40 CJ-4 Rated oil. Needs to be CJ-4 due to the emissions equipment. CI-4 will make it soot up easier. For the front axle, 80W90 GL-5 Gear Oil, nothing special here at least. For the transmission and hydraulics, a high quality UTF. Needs to meet CaseIH MS1207, Ford 134D, or JD J20C/D specifications. Do NOT use 303 fluid. Will lead to shorten PTO clutch life. As long as the UTF your looking at meets the previously described standards you should be good. Cenex Qwiklift is an excellent oil for the trans if you have Cenex in your area. I will caution that the Engine oil and Transmission Oil Filter do not have good aftermarket crosses and possibly the fuel filter too if it is the new style.
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Wow! You are a wealth of information and I thank you profusely. I don't know what I'd be doing without you. The dealer I bought from is turning out to be useless and nobody else seems to be able to even find a reference to this tractor model. They can't be that rare, are they? Anyway, I'm 2 weeks into this and already saying "I shoulda boughta kubota".